June 2008 TO DATE :

Post: Contracts Manager-Corporate

Employer:  Amana Contracting and Steel Buildings (www.amanabuildings.com)

Projects: the total annual value of managed projects is in the order of AED 4.0 Billion (US$ 1.0 Billion).

Clients (inter alia): Tecom, Department of Presidential Affairs, Samsung, SKEC, Airbus, Emal, Kharafi National, SMS-Meer, Dubai Maritime City.

Main Job Duties:

Working as Contracts Manager at Amana Contracting and Steel buildings, providing contractual support to the general managers of different branches and reporting to the Board of executive management of the company. Job duties can be split into pre and post contract as follows:-

Pre-Contract Duties:

1.      Advising on the Conditions of Contract for tenders.

2.      Attending contractual negotiation meetings during tendering.

3.      Supervising the float of large tenders to subcontractors.

4.      Finalizing contract documents with the clients and supervising the preparation of subcontract documents for large subcontractors.

5.      Preparation of a set of Company’s standard forms of subcontracts.

6.      Drafting Conditions of Contract to suit projects specific needs.

7.      Preparing contract addenda and settlements agreements.

Post-Contract Duties:

1.      Involved in litigation and dispute adjudication.

2.      Administering the Main Contracts with Clients and JV Agreement with our Joint Venturers.

3.      Supervising the administration of large Subcontracts conducted by procurement managers.

4.      Preparation and settling claims with clients.

5.      Evaluation and settlement of large subcontractor’s claims and agreement on variation orders.

6. Issuance of various circulars/training materials to project teams explaining in simple, easy to understand, language the correct contractual procedures such as application for EOT, claims, etc.

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